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NuPrime Audio Parts



CDP-9 parts: Display input panel, DAC board, USB board, Transport mechanism, Remote control.

NuPrime Audio Parts



CDT-8 Pro Transport mechanism, Remote Control.

NuPrime Audio Parts

DAC-10 to 10H Upgrade Kit


Upgrade Kit to convert DAC-10 to DAC-10H.

NuPrime Audio Parts



DAC-10 Display board and DAC board.

NuPrime Audio Parts



DAC-9 DAC/Preamp board, Remote Control, Sleeve. Please indicate the color of the sleeve when placing the order.

NuPrime Audio Parts



Evolution DAC Remote control

NuPrime Audio Parts



HD-AVA Power Supply board and Amp board.

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Service Parts



HD-AVP Power Supply, HDMI board.

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NuPrime Audio Parts

HPA-9-Front Panel Control Board


HPA-9 Front Panel control board.

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NuPrime Audio Parts



Power supply for NuPrime IDA-16 or NuPrime Reference 20.  Please select the matching model.

NuPrime Audio Parts



IDA-16 DAC/preamp board, power amp board, power supply, front panel board, front face-plate, top cover and remote control. Please specify the color in the notes when ordering the front face-plate and top cover.

NuPrime Audio Parts



IDA-6 power supply, amp board, front panel board, remote control and power cords.

NuPrime Audio Parts



IDA-8 display, preamp, power amp and other parts.


Isolation Feet


Isolation Feet with silicone 40°A or 60°A material. The harder 60°A feets are normally used on the heavier section. If you are purchasing these parts for DIY project and are not sure how to select, go with all 60°A feets or two sets of 40°A and 60°A each. The damping effect of NuPrime’s isolation feet absorbs and cancels vibrations that degrade audio performance. This manner of shielding from interference results in a pure and natural sound.

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NuPrime Audio Parts



MCH-K38 Power supply, AC Filter board and Amp board. The Amp board replaces one pair of amp channels (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8) in the K38. Please specify the amp channel in the Note when placing the order.

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NuPrime Audio Parts



REF-20 Power Supply (HPS-500) and Power Amp board